What is

”Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

ICF International Coaching Federation

For whom? For you!

Coaching is a collaboration between a client and a coach. Your coach supports you by listening and by asking you the right questions. A coach helps you succeed by challenging you and by encouraging you to find new solutions, opportunities, and new ways of thinking. Coaching is always genuine, confidential, safe, and conducted in full partnership with you. Your privacy is important.

With a professional coach, you will learn to see opportunities, find solutions, and use all your strengths. You will learn to utilize your entire inner potential, to find your strengths on your coaching journey toward your goal and dream.

Your topic and desired outcome can relate to your career, work, life, development, motivation, self-confidence, courage, well-being or development. Coaching contributes to a broad spectrum of topics from many different areas of your life:

  • Change management
  • From Boss to Leader
  • Next step in my career
  • How to handle my boss, peers, or coworkers?
  • Balance between work and private life
  • Crossroads in life
  • Should I or shouldn’t I?
  • Lack of motivation or courage
  • Things is outside of my comfort zone
  • Conflict Management
  • Where can I find joy in my life?
  • What makes me grow, develop…

What do you want to achieve? What do you really, really dream about? If you have forgotten how to dream, your coach will help you remember this valuable skill.

Christine Suvanto, MCC (ICF)
Executive Coach, Mentor Coach (MCC/PCC/ACC)
Coach Educator (ICF ACTP),
Mastermind Facilitator (WBECS)SDI Partner & Certified Master Facilitator,NLP Master Practitioner, Mental Manager
For whom?

For anyone who wants to make a change

• For a young person who is having difficulty finding motivation, is stressed or lacks a plan for the future.

• For a child who needs help to like themselves or dare to do new things that needs self-confidence.

• For an athlete or artist who needs mental strength, self-confidence, and who wants to find the joy of work.

• For a retiree who wants to find new exciting goals or directions in their life.

• An entrepreneur who wants to ball their thoughts needs courage, confidence, or help with routines and challenges.

• For a supervisor who wants to develop.

For everyone who wants to gain self-confidence, better self-knowledge and develop as a person.

We are professional coaches, which means we coach people, not the subject. A person is a whole that needs to be balanced – both at home and at work.

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You will gain self-confidence, better self-knowledge and develop as a person.


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