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Positive Solutions

We are committed to coaching and training with experience, professionalism, and high quality and ethical standards set by the International Coaching Federation, both to us as credentialed professional coaches but also as coach educators.

Positive Solutions is your partner in business and life.

ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC)
SDI Partner & Master Facilitator

Christine Suvanto

Christine coaches, develops, challenges and trains you and your organization. Always with a professional, genuine, and dedicated approach, complete confidentiality, and guaranteed privacy.

If you want to make a difference, develop, move forward, achieve a goal, or explore your thoughts and ideas with a neutral sparring partner, professional coaching is perfect for you. It is difficult to break behavioral patterns and it is often exhausting to try to find solutions on your own – together with a trusted partner, a professional coach, making a change and finding the right solutions become much easier.

Christine coaches, supports, and trains leaders and managers as well as companies and organizations in developing their relationships, communication, collaboration, and leadership skills.
Since 2013, Christine has also trained professional coaches in accordance with the ICF Code of Ethics and Core Competencies in an ICF ACTP coach-specific training program.

If you want to grow as a professional coach, if your goal is to reach the next certification level or if you are in the process of renewing your credential (ICF ACC/PCC/MCC) and need an experienced Mentor Coach, don’t hesitate to contact Christine.


ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
SDI Partner & Master Facilitator

Tom Suvanto

I enjoy coaching and training organizations and teams – when I get to collaborate, communicate, develop, find new solutions, simplify – in order to achieve sustainable results, both financially and with increased resources, well-being and commitment!

I have solid and versatile work experience in many large Finnish companies, in terms of finance, administration, logistics and management.

Contact us if you need help with personal or professional development or if your organization needs support for change or development processes!

ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC), SDI Facilitator, Kommunication & Translation, Business Mentor

Anne Liljestrand

Anne coaches both teams and individuals, in organizations and individually, in English, Finnish, Swedish and French.

Professional coaching, a coaching mindset in leadership, people, development, and personal growth are Anne’s passions. She is also a certified SDI Facilitator, an experienced business facilitator and keynote speaker. She has worked in a large Nordic law firm and has a degree in translation (MA) and business (BBA). Anne also acts as a mentor for individuals in the beginning of their career.

When she has the chance, Anne goes for a run, which is a way of life for her. Anne is your partner both in meeting rooms and on the running tracks.


Our mission

We change the world

"If we can help a person, team or organization to strengthen and function better, we have taken a small step in the right direction."


Our mission – 3P

We change the world by being Passionate about professional coaching, with our own Personal touch and always with top Professionality. This means that everyone, regardless of background, is welcome to us and to our education programs when they want to change the world, starting with themselves. When they come to us, they meet one of our team members, a unique human being that embodies a coaching mindset and the ethics of professional coaching. We represent professional coaching and a coaching mindset in everything we do, and act as role models for everyone else, so that they see the effective benefits of coaching and can acquire a coaching mindset and effective coaching tools themselves. That is how we change the world.

Our vision

Our vision is that everyone has access to coaching, regardless of resources or circumstances. Coaching should be a part of business and life; at workplaces, at schools, in homes, and we constantly conduct development projects, workshops and trainings to make this a reality. Because coaching should be accessible to anyone, our coaching education programs and courses are designed to support diversity and inclusion: they welcome leaders, parents, teachers, salespersons, consultants, business gurus, persons in between jobs, persons seeking a life change, persons seeking a career change, siblings, couples, etc. This diversity promotes the human factor of coaching: we concretely show that coaching is about human meeting human – thus titles, roles, grades, or other shallow attributes do not matter.

Our learning philosophy

We know that the core competencies and ethics of professional coaching are best learned through – coaching. That is why we combine a clear theory of professional coaching in accordance with the ICF principles with our own model of 3D coaching.