High-performing teams are built or broken by one thing.


After decades of research, the science is clear. Teams with Relationship Intelligence (RQ) build trust faster and outperform the rest.

The ROI of Relationship Intelligence (RQ)

Organizations with high Relationship Intelligence know how to build indestructible teams. They embrace diversity, navigate conflict, and power through obstacles with smarter decisions.

Without RQ, teams default to turf wars, master the blame game, and implode under pressure.

We can help you create a workplace where relationships thrive. 

Every Interaction Matters

How do you transform a team culture? One interaction at a time.

It’s in the daily conversations, the last-minute virtual meetings, and the impromptu DMs where trust is strengthened or strained. Core Strengths prepares teams to master the moment so opportunity doesn’t fall by the wayside.

Build better teams

Teams composed of strong relationships are less likely to have communication breakdowns. Focused on conversations where work gets done, teams with relationship intelligence promote healthy opposition to quickly see all sides of an issue, so they can make timely decisions that drive results.

When people discover how to harness what drives their personal performance, they not only take ownership for their choices, but they begin to appreciate differences in others and build trust. Together, teams learn to create quality interactions where problems get solved and work gets done.

Change Management

Overcome people’s resistance and make the change stick.

People are programmed to resist change.

For your change management initiative to be successful, leaders need to understand:

  • How individual people experience change
  • What makes people decide to embrace change
  • What messages people need to hear, when, and from whom
  • The optimal time to teach people new skills
  • How to coach people to demonstrate new behaviors
  • What makes change stick in someone’s work

The SDI 2.0 assessment and RQ give people at your organization an easy and effective way to understand each other’s strengths, motives, and values—and to collaborate more productively and creatively.

When people in the organization collaborate, leaders can deliver change communications with the confidence that the change will most likely be embraced.

Conflict Management

Empower your people to resolve their conflicts and prevent new ones.

As a leader, you know conflict in the workplace is uncomfortable, expensive, and counterproductive. So how do you solve the problem so everyone can get back to work?

Our solutions guide teams on how to take the right approach to stop conflict in its tracks.

Core Strengths – SDI 2.0 Products

Explore our suite of culture-transforming tools


Our Strength Deployment Inventory, SDI 2.0, is the foundational Relationship Intelligence that your people will use one-on-one, in teams, or across departments to improve their results.

It provides a portrait of whole persons: the strengths they bring to work, their motives when working with others, and much more.


Our training focuses on applying SDI 2.0 results to real-life work situations or relationships.

With a greater understanding of their motives, your people learn to access a wider array of strengths, making them more adaptable—and successful—in dealing with others who operate differently.


Our platform keeps relationships on track. In seconds, your people can share and compare strength portraits, get guidance on word choice, and much more.

Over time, this personal coaching continually improves relationships and results, making your people—and your organization—more fearless, innovative, and productive.

Core Strengths – SDI 2.0 Integrations

Strengthen relationships wherever you work.

Receive personalized communication tips to help you:

  • Have productive meetings
  • Know what to say (and what not to say) even if there’s conflict
  • Understand how to approach difficult conversations
  • Master multiple communication styles and build trust.
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Facilitator Certification

Become a Core Strengths facilitator in one of our upcoming live virtual instructor-led certifications.

Develop a culture of working better together
Train teams to thrive in uncertain times
Even the most highly skilled and well-intentioned workers can fall short when it comes to productively working together. And when people are unable to build on each other’s strengths or overcome differences, it can prevent your organization from reaching that next level of success.

By becoming a Core Strengths facilitator, you’ll learn how to introduce the powerful Results through Relationships workshop in your organization while meeting its unique culture and training needs. You’ll help team members communicate more effectively by understanding their own motives—and those of their coworkers—leading to improved communication and results.

Become a SDI facilitator and get 14,25 CCE points


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