Coaching, leadership and training

Positive Solutions

Coaching, leadership and training

We coach and train with experience, professionalism and an internationally accredited high quality. We always tailor packages and training to the individual needs of our customers.

Positive Solutions is your partner professionally and in private.

Coaching trainings

Do you want to become an internationally certified coach? Do you want to work as a business coach or a life coach? Do you want to be a leader with distinguished coaching skills?

Step 1: Professional Coach with Diploma, 60+ hours of coach-specific training with a high quality standard ensured by ICF. This training program allows you to become a member of the ICF.

Step 2: ICF Certified coach at ACC and PCC level, 60+ hours of coach-specific training with a high quality ICF standard and examination for ACC (100h client coaching experience) or PCC (500h client coaching experience)

For You and Your team

We coach and train individuals and groups/teams/pairs in organizations as well as privately.

We support you in finding strengths and achieving goals – whether it is about you or your team at work. With a long and broad experience, we coach, train and develop companies, groups, teams and individuals.

Organizations can learn how best to communicate, cooperate, set goals that motivate, manage conflicts and support teams, leaders and colleagues.

Everyone wanting to make a change is welcome!

Tool for communication

The new all-digital SDI 2.0 with the Core Strengths platform gives you and your organization specific tools to communicate efficiently and to achieve your goals.

With SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory), you learn how to develop relationships, build efficient and functioning teams, manage conflict and communicate by focusing on the recipient.

We certify new SDI-facilitators, such as consultants, HR professionals, work supervisors and talent developers.


Positive Solutions


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Christine Suvanto, MCC (ICF)

Executive Coach, Mentor Coach (MCC/PCC/ACC), Coach Trainer (ICF ACTP), Mastermind Facilitator (WBECS), SDI Partner & Certified Master Facilitator, NLP Master Practitioner, Mental Manager

Christine develops, challenges and train you and your organization. Always with a professional, genuine and dedicated grip, complete confidentiality and guaranteed privacy.

If you want to make a difference, develop, move forward, achieve a goal, explore your thoughts and ideas with a neutral, outsider, professional coaching is just for you. It is difficult to break down patterns of behavior or see solutions alone – together it is much easier.

Christine has been training professional coaches in accordance with the ICF Code of Ethics and Core Skills since 2012 and has supported and trained individuals as well as various companies and organizations to develop communication, collaboration and leadership.