”Light a candle for everything you believe in, for this planet we live on, light a candle for the children of the earth… Never let the hope fade, it’s dark now, but it will be lighter again… ” These words are from a song written by Niklas Strömstedt and Lasse Lindbom. The song was released already in 1987, but the words are now more current than ever.

As I write this letter, it’s the 21st of December which is the darkest day of the year here in the Nordics. It means, that starting from tomorrow, we head towards brighter times again. Wonderful! But, if we think about all the darkness that is happening in the world, on our planet right now, it is extra important that we keep our hope and faith in a brighter future. What we focus on grows, which is why we need to focus on the right things, value our differences and remember that the planet we live on is our common home, with the same sky, stars and sea. A home that we need to take good care of together, a home for which we need to bear a responsibility together. For ourselves, our children and for our planet. When we keep faith, hope and love in how we think and in what we do, we are taking big steps in the right direction.

Listen to the song, light a candle with hope and faith (in Swedish ), and take a moment for thankfulness about all the good things, small and big, that you have in your life.


I wish You

A Lovely, Merry Christmas
A Fantastic, Happy New Year 2023!

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