ACC, PCC ja MCC sertifiointia varten

Mentorcoaching kuuluu tärkeänä osana coachien jatkuvaa kehittymistä. Kun sinulla on ICF:n sertifiointi on sinun ylläpidettävä sertifiointitasoasi ja uusittava sertifiointisi kolmen vuoden välein – voit myös tähdätä seuraavalle sertifiointitasolle. Sitä varten tarvitset paitsi täydennyskoulutusta, myös mentorcoachingia kokeneelta Mentorcoachilta. Kun tarvitset mentorcoachingia, voit kääntyä puoleemme yksilö-mentorcoachingin merkeissä ja voit myös osallistua suosittuun Mentorcoaching Programiin.


Osallistujille CoachCompanionin Diplomi- (1.vaihe) ja ACC/PCC sertifiointikoulutukseen (2. vaihe). Molempiin koulutuksiimme sisältyy 5 mentorcoaching tuntia.

Diplomicoachit (ICF:n akkreditoimat), jotka haluavat ACC- tai PCC-sertifioinnin tai sertifioidut coachit, jotka sertifioinnin säilyttääkseen tarvitsevat mentorcoaching tunteja:

  • tarvitset ACC sertifiointiin vaadittavat 10 mentorcoaching tuntia.
  • sertifiointikoulutuksestasi on ehkä kulunut jo aikaa ja haluat päivittää osaamisesi ammattimaisen coachingin ajankohtaisilla tiedoilla (ICF).
  • olet ACC-sertifioitu coach ja tarvitset 10 mentorcoach tuntia uusiaksesi ACC-sertifiointisi.
  • olet ACC-sertifioitu, tähtäät PCC-tason sertifiointiin ja haluat varmistua siitä, että olet saavuttanut tarvittavan tason coachingissasi.
  • olet PCC-sertifioitu coach ja tarvitset 10 mentorcoach tuntia uusiaksesi PCC-sertifiointiin.
  • olet PCC-sertifioitu, tähtäät MCC-tason sertifiointiin ja haluat varmistua siitä, että olet saavuttanut tarvittavan tason coachingissasi.
  • olet MCC-sertifioitu coach ja tarvitset 10 mentorcoach tuntia uusiaksesi MCC-sertifiointisi.
“Christine was my Mentor Coach under the Breakthrough certification programme. Each session with Christine was encouraging and fruitful. She was always prepared with the evidence-based feedback from the recording submitted; affirmed me of the coaching markers hit; and evoke my thinking for areas that could be explored differently. Her presence and attentiveness to my agenda allowed us to partner well in our conversations to provide an expansive space for creating possibilities. Going through three sessions with Christine also meant that she was able to observe my progress and help me reap lots of learning and insights. It was truly an enriching experience.”
Irene Chia, Singapore
“Christine has been my mentor coach for a few months now and learning with her has been very rewarding. With a warm and welcoming approach, she offers competence, clarity and support and knows to focus my efforts where attention is needed. I am grateful to Christine for being a trusting mentor, and for creating this perfect mix of safety and challenge, thus helping to elevate my game as a coach."
Janon Hamel, Montreal, Canada
“I chose Christine to be my mentor coach when I attended Marcia Reynold’s Breakthrough Coaching Certification Program. There were at least 15 other coaches I could have selected. Like the others, Christine’s profile, expertise, and experience was world-class. What stood out for me was her calm and peaceful demeanour. Behind the laughing eyes and caring smile, I saw a gentle persona, yet with an element of toughness and with so much to give to the world. I was almost right. In addition, Christine has boundless wisdom to share. Her insights are always spot on, and her approach is one of genuine and authentic love for the other person on the call. I have learnt so much and gained confidence on my coaching capabilities already after the first mentoring sessions. Learning with Christine as my mentor coach has inspired me to stretch myself even more and to reach for the skies!”
Cheong Choy Kiew, Singapore
“Thank you so much for your kind support. You help me to transform the way I coach and more aware what I can do more to support my coachee. Looking back to 2021, I found it was one of the best years for me. Previously, I found some challenges regarding chemistry check. After mentoring with you, I found the chemistry check is fun and helpful to support me as a coach. How to rapport and understand others. Because I need to send VDO to you, I possibly coach in English which I was reluctant to do for a long time. I gained more confidence to do what I never think I can do and would love to do more next year. I now accept the offers of work that I always thought that I cannot do it but now just say "Yes and Find the way." You are my role model in many areas that I want to be. Million thanks for supporting me to grow and learn more about myself and how I can be better.”
Somnuk Wiwatana, Bangkok
“I started working with Christine in the context of my Masters, I chose Christine for her experience, and I am extremely happy with my choice. Christine is an attentive, present, very competent Coach. She has excellent listening skills, and she is very delicate but at the same time precise and effective. At each meeting I take full advantage of it, and I come outgrown and satisfied with my learnings.”
Chantal Giraldini Linder, Switzerland
“Our last mentoring session has been life changing for me. Something clicked in my head. I am beyond grateful for your help.”
Catalina Flores, Netherlands


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